Have I mentioned that I have the very best friends on the whole planet? Oh, you have great friends, too? I couldn’t possibly actually believe mine to be somehow objectively superior, right? Oh wait, I do believe that? Seriously?


We’ve all happily gone our separate ways over the past few years. But three states, two train rides, two plane flights, and countless freeways later: reunited, last April, for our wedding. And then last week, again, for the Anniversary Celebration Bridal Brigade Reunion Bonanza (…or something like that. There were so many email chains, with so many ridiculous subject lines).

First things first. We loaded up on food, booze, and literally 30+ avocados:

We started each day with the Best Breakfasts Ever:

Ben’s paleo versions included a simple egg stack, and a more complex bacon weave:

Just like he did for the wedding party house, Ben packed up all our espresso equipment and kept the coffee flowing all weekend long.

But we did stuff besides eat, I swear! There was beaching:

And, mostly, laughing and playing and drinking:

I tried my first hand at leopard-print pedicures.

My little brother couldn’t handle the party.

Oh, and this game! I highly recommend it – such a great party game. Basically it’s grown-up Apples to Apples, but better. A whole lot of new inside jokes were established while playing this.

And the house had this mysterious door on each floor…

…which we eventually discovered was AN ELEVATOR.

I guess that says all that must be said about how swanky that house was.

We even took a few formal shots:

And ended the weekend in the only appropriate way: (more) mimosas!

Of course, the real highlights – midnight ocean skinny dipping, bubbling up the jacuzzi tub til it overflowed, blasting Marco’s Guatemalan music, watching Anchorman at 2am, Pacific sunsets – aren’t even pictured.

So. Yes. Best friends ever? Check. Best weekend ever? Parts one and two, check. Annual tradition established? I’m thinking… check.

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4 Responses to anniversary celebration bridal brigade reunion bonanza etcetera (or, Best Weekend Ever Part II)

  1. Tori says:

    Annual tradition DEFINITELY check. Seriously, an amazing weekend! …fingers.

  2. Anita says:

    Seriously. The very best friends on the whole planet. Objectively speaking, of course.

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